Welcome to Ambius Malaysia

Ambius is different. It's the expert in providing interior landscaping for all kinds of environments, from boutique hotels to shopping centres and international corporate headquarters.

We create interiors that stimulate the senses. Our goal is to maximize the positive impact on your employees, guests, and clients by creating business interiors that stimulate the senses.

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plantPlant Rental
We create interiors that stimulate the senses. Find out how we are changing the face of plantscaping with lush indoor plants display and stylish containers.

We are the experts in designing and maintaining aQuascaping with our wall mounted aquariums including beautiful pebbles, aquatic plants and fishes

plantEvents & Launches
With our themes that span the spectrum, your events and launches are bound to make an impression.

plant@ Work Promotions
Because the office is where many of us spend our waking lives, Ambius wants to make it as pleasant as possible for you. After all, one of the secrets to success is a conducive working environment.